February 5, 2013

Winter Wisdom (To Be Retrieved in July)

Last July I described a lovely summer day--memories to be retrieved in the middle of winter. Rereading those words, I long for warm sun on my skin and the bounty of summer produce markets. Yet I also recognize the wisdom gained from winter. The temps are low and the sun is often absent, but winter holds its own magic.

In winter, the light comes from an interesting angle; it illuminates objects in new ways; it provides a new perspective for us to see. And that light changes in such delicious ways. Now, in early February, the days get longer and it's noticeable. The sun lingers in the evening and arrives earlier each morning.

Yet even during the darkest days of winter there is wisdom: hibernate, restore, get sleep. There's a natural slowing of the typical busyness. I always welcome the January hibernation period. I sleep more deeply. I eat homemade soup. I meet friends in cozy cafes and my heart warms with connection. Winter is a lovely partner to summer.

During summer, our days are often packed with various (fun) activities, and we harbor mild guilt if we don't embrace the beautiful weather. In winter, our days are slower and we feel refreshed and happy each moment we spend outside. They are the yin and yang of the seasons; without summer we would not see the gifts of winter; without winter we would not see the magic of summer. I'm grateful for them both.


  1. Beautifully said and photographed dear Joy! Or: how the seasons (and nature) teach us so much about life ...

    1. Indeed, nature is a wise and beautiful teacher.