March 2, 2013

Weekend Highlights

What lit me up this weekend?
Hosting my sister, Jenny, and my niece, Emma. They drove from Chicago yesterday, and we chatted in my living room for hours. Then we had a tasty meal at Gardinas, where Mark played fiddle with two other musicians. It doesn't get much better than listening to my handsome hubby play music while I eat flavorful food and talk easily with my sister and niece. Oh wait, it does get better--we women returned home and had our own jam session on recorders (I'm not kidding). This definitely removed me and Jenny from our comfort zones, but we had a hoot--much laughter and a few correct notes. 

(Reflections in Emma's euphonium; she's quite a musician and she also has a lovely sense of whimsy)

Another highlight: we saw the sun this weekend. After many (so many I've lost count) days of dreary grayness (which felt like a time warp), the sun lit the sky. My mood lightened immediately. Mark and I took a long walk, trekking through the snow in Riverview Gardens to view the hoop houses, soak in the scenery, and reconnect with the outdoors.

(Inside a hoop house; smells like spring)

Then we had homemade bread and pizza for dinner. The smell of bread in the oven; the sound of Mark playing music; the time to just be. All fully appreciated. And after watching "Wendy and Lucy," I have renewed gratitude for my splendid, love-filled, steady life; and renewed empathy for those who struggle with poverty and loneliness. I recognize I'm typing a blog post while millions of people beg for a meal and live on the street. This makes me deeply sad and also deeply grateful. 

(Our tasty pizza dinner for which I'm grateful we could afford all the ingredients and the home in which to cook it)

And it's only Saturday night. Who knows what awaits tomorrow? Perhaps more sunshine, walking in the outdoors, reading books in my cozy nest of a house, taking photographs, making wholesome food, and connecting with others. As my friend Peter says (every time I see him): "Today is a good day."


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and you still have a full day left! I hear you about the gloom of last week-- the grey days were tough but the sun finally peeked out this weekend and warmed my spirits even if it didn't warm the air! Have a great 10th week!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Steph. Indeed, it is tenth week. Woot!

  2. Your post added twinkle to my eyes: because it's so lovely to read that you had a supernice Saturday and because it reminds me of and makes me extra aware of the beautiful day of yesterday I had myself.
    A jam session on recorders: sounds great! The recorder is my main instrument: I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall (thank you for teaching me a new expression in English as I had to look up this one).
    I didn't know Wendy and Lucy but you drew my attention: I just saw the trailer and now I will rent this movie to watch it too.
    You are right: we are so blessed living this life with all its potential and opportunities we have. We are spoilt with the luxury of having choices while so many others, living this life at exactly the same time, struggle each and every single day ... Gratitude oh Gratitude!
    I hope your Sunday was great fun as well!

    1. Cococita, recorder is your instrument? Oh, I wish you could have joined us on Friday night. We could have used a good teacher. We did have a great time, laughing whenever we made mistakes. And making some nice sounds, too.

  3. Well, yay. That sounds absolutely wonderful. =)