Coming Home to Yourself

Coming Home to Yourself:
A 6-Week Course in Mindfulness ($59)

Mindfulness isn't a self-improvement project, it's a self-kindness practice. The instructions are simple, but their application requires effort. It's beneficial to have a teacher guide the way. This 6-week coursewhich can be elongated to fit your needsincludes formal instruction on meditation and informal instruction on how to pay attention in daily life. Once you cultivate awareness, you can shine it everywhere: breath, body, difficult emotion, positive emotion, relationships, and life choices. Each week, I provide new meditations, reflections, teachings, and mini-assignments. In small yet important ways, you can change your life. You can come home to yourselfyour wise, messy, unique, imperfect, beautiful self.

What to Expect
~This is a self-paced course with honest and gentle guidance from me. 
~You don't need special equipment, you can start right now, just as you are.
~Each week, you need 2-3 hours (not all in one sitting) that you can devote to YOU. 
~If you miss a week, you can begin again the next week (or the next week).
~Whether you're new to mindfulness or seasoned at meditation, looking to revive your practice, this course can help.
~There's no way to get this wrong. Small positive steps have big impact.
~The varied course materialsavailable only to students in this classare included within a single multimedia document: 6 weeks of teaching, 19 guided meditations, 7 videos, 39 photographs, 79 pages, and much love. (Internet access is required.)
~I encourage you to take a peek at the course: Look inside.

An Invitation from Joy:

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After you purchase through PayPal, you'll receive an email message from me, with the course document as an attachment. (This email comes within 48 hours of your purchase.) If you purchase multiple courses, I'll contact you about where to send the additional copies. If you purchase the course as a gift, please contact me with the giftee's information. Thank you!


"Coming Home to Yourself is a gentle, loving, sacred invitation to pause, over and over, and discover you. With integrity born of her own personal practice, Joy offers bits of wisdom with grace, beauty, presence, openness and softness. She is with you on your journey."
--Jeanne L.

"Taking Coming Home To Yourself was the greatest gift I have given myself in years. Joy's step-by-step guidance, her daily reminders and gentle voice, opened up my life in ways I never imagined. She offers her dedication to mindfulness and meditation with such authenticity and truth in every aspect of the class. The experience brought me self-awareness and self-compassion."
--Cathy S.

Make Space. Start Small. Be Gentle.

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