It's helpful to attend inward each day, through meditation, writing, or everyday awareness. This page is devoted to mindfulness, love, and self-acceptance. From my heart to yours: Take good care of your beautiful, imperfect, worthy selves. (PS: You can find more audios on my meditation page.)

10-Minute Meditations
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Staying with Difficult Emotions

Cultivating Heartfulness

Writing Prompts
Get your journal, a notebook, or scratch paper. Choose a writing prompt below (or create your own) and 1) write from your heart, 2) write continuously (don't lift your pen from the page) with no concern for spelling or grammar or what's right or wrong, 3) write only for yourself, releasing external expectations. Let it be messy and real.

~What do I seek more of in my life?
~What brings me joy, satisfaction, and meaning?
~What do I fear?
~What is complicated about my life right now?
~What is beautiful about my life right now?
~What does it mean to be vulnerable? To be strong?
~Where in my life can I release limiting beliefs and find possibility?
~What activities nourish my spirit? How can I bring these more regularly into my life?
~What is most important to me? What are my core values?
~What qualities do I appreciate about myself? How can I let these shine?

Everyday Mindfulness (Pause)
Take a break from what you're doing. Choose a "pause" from below or create your own. Nourish your well-being in some small way.

~Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.
~Change your position. Find a new perspective.
~Do something kind for yourself or another.
~Move your body: dance, twirl, stretch, or take a walk.
~Write down 5 things for which you're grateful.
~Practice self-compassion: Notice when you're in pain, place your hand on your heart, and send kindness inward.
~Close your eyes for 10 breaths. Notice your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. Attend inward.
~Slow your pace. Slow the pace of your walking and your movements. 
~During your next conversation, give the other person your full attention.
~Take a break from technology. Get outside and experience nature.

Slow down, pay attention, and be kind.
Please visit my new website. This self-care page will stay standing, but everything new is at this space.

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