July 10, 2011

Magical Moments

Sometimes magical things happen. Not magical in a big, spectacular way, but magical in a soft, soul-filling way--as if the Universe specifically gives me a boost when I really need it, yet actually that boost is always there (just like Dorothy's ruby slippers).

Sometimes a bee lands on a flower just before I take the picture:

Or two of my closest friends (on separate days) say things that both rock my world and prod me to see more clearly. And this leads me to take a terror-barrier leap (my therapist's term) into the unknown; a leap that is true to my soul yet comes with an emotional hangover. But then the magical moment of realizing I'm okay! That I'm worthy of loving myself fully and unabashedly (wow!). Then I share my feelings with another close friend and she understands in a visceral way--a connection that comforts me deeply.

Or I put on a bright summer dress and go out to dinner with my husband and our best friends, where we share, laugh, eat good food, and celebrate. We celebrate the little things, because that's what all of life is about.

Or Mark gives me a long, wrapped-in-love hug and I linger in that safe space. Or we share a  wholesome, yummy, home-cooked meal while on our back porch--always stopping conversation to savor the food or watch the chipmunks. Or Mark says something that makes me laugh out loud--especially good if I'm in a funk and I laugh at myself.

Or Mark whimsically snaps two photos of me at which I don't cringe, but I look at and think, "yes, that is me and there's nothing to hide":