About Joy

In 2013, I resigned my tenured position as a statistics professor. During graduation weekend, I gave the baccalaureate address, "Your One Wild and Precious Life," in which I spoke openly about fear, vulnerability, and living a life true to myself. Though I'm done teaching statistics, I'm still a teacher. I enjoy organizing material so people understand even difficult concepts. I care about my students and create space where everyone is valued and hearda safe space where we practice together.

Now I teach meditation and mindfulness, locally (I live in Appleton, WI) and through e-courses. In 2004, I began a meditation practice that changed my life. With new awareness, I was able to see choices, work with difficult emotions, and both simplify and savor life. Mindfulness guided me through my career change. The mind-body exercises I teach in my classes are the same exercises I practice every day. Each year, I attend 2-3 silent meditation retreats, where I deepen my practice and learn from experienced teachers. I'm as much a student as teacher of mindfulness. And, for me, writing and photography are avenues to awareness. I write to understand; I photograph to see anew. I like to blend images and words in ways that brighten the world and invite introspection.

As sole proprietor of Born Joy, I'm encouraged to market myself; to sell my elevator pitch. But I'm old school: I happily own a flip phone; I'm not on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest; I'd rather make a genuine connection than a sale. Looking through my notebook of business plans, I find this scribbled tagline that still rings true for me:  I don't want to be a big deal, I want to be a little deal who has a big impactI want to help people.

My work takes me into prison, corporate offices, local YMCAs, non-profit organizations, schools, and Parks & Recreation classes. I try to live life with a curious mind and an open heart, which means my most important work is on the meditation cushion.

PS: Born Joy has moved to a new website. Please join me there.


  1. ... and that's exactly what you do, dearest Joy!

  2. I was a statistics professor too, and I too resigned my position to concentrate on things I would not have been able to concentrate on, had I continued to work. :-)

    1. Oh my goodness! A fellow former-stats-professor with a life shift. So good to know you in this way, Lisa. Thanks for your kindness and support.