January 7, 2012

White Space

I'm taking a wonderful online photography class, Photo Meditations, from Susannah Conway. During the first week, we're learning about and experimenting with composition. One of the (many) compositional elements is white space (or negative space).  From Susannah: "The negative space gives the viewer’s eye a place to rest while supporting the main subject." A place to rest.

What about the white space in our daily lives? Where in our schedules do we allow rest, reflection, restoration, or simply space to breathe deeply? When I feel assaulted by life, it's a good reminder to make some white space. To truly allow for life to happen; for life to interrupt. When I feel overscheduled, I get annoyed when life happens. There's just not enough space & softness in which I can rest & release--both into the difficulties of life and the joys of life.

My mind is really active during the first week of the term. And my schedule is typically busy, too. But this weekend I have space. I'm grateful for the gentle reminder that space is needed--a place for my mind, body, & spirit to rest. In fact, I'll end here, so I can treat myself to a nap!

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