May 10, 2012


During my walk home Monday evening, I took many dandelion pictures. In particular, I'm drawn to the delicate, soft state of dandelions when they go to seed. I want to curl up in them and take a long nap. Inside there's such tenderness--such a soft center. This softness is lovely compared to the harshness I sometimes encounter. Harshness of world realities, judgment, and overwork. Interesting to find such tenderness in dandelions--a weed with which I have a complicated relationship (some days I fully see its beauty and other days I see a group of ugly things in my yard). Perhaps it's appropriate to receive a lesson in softness from a weed. In fact, the complicated relationship I have with dandelions, I have with myself. Some days I see my beautiful soul; other days I judge myself with harshness. This dandelion photo reminds me to release the tight grasp of harshness and let go into tenderness; to embrace the soft spot in my own heart.

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