September 2, 2012


Fearlessly I wrote poems.
Thrown-together words flowed from my pen.
Poem after poem.

Eventually the process slowed.
For inspiration, I drank
the words of others.
I read poem after poem--
rhythm, detail, wholeness.
The gorgeousness of a single word.

How could I compose another poem?
Now that I know what I know.


  1. *Your* poems are beautiful and inspiring because they are authentic and true. *Your* words are magical. *You* are a poet with your own voice and your own style, and I love it. Just keep trusting and believing in *yourself* and the words will come. :) No need to compare your words with others because your poems are ultimately yours, and yours alone.

  2. Oh, Stephanie, you are both kind and wise. Thank you, dear friend, for these supportive words. Yes, I do need to trust my own voice--in all forms of creativity.

  3. I came over from the 52 Photos project and I'm looking around. I love this post!

  4. Thank you, Annie! I'm glad you visited and I'm glad you enjoyed.