December 2, 2012

Important Choices in my Life

  • Tirelessly practicing (not just playing) sports in my youth
  • Trusting, loving, and committing to Mark
  • Adding Pilates and yoga to my exercise routine
  • Being a teacher, aunt, and mentor, instead of a parent
  • Purposefully surrounding myself with a tribe of loving, supportive, soul-filling, yet truth-telling people
  • Getting rid of cable TV (and any TV reception at all)
  • Creating a peaceful bedtime ritual
  • Practicing meditation
  • Giving a sustained effort to cooking and gardening 
  • Going back to therapy after I thought I'd figured everything out
  • Re-envisioning my photography 
  • Regularly taking a 5-week sabbatical with Mark (no Internet, phone, news--just Caribbean beauty and each other)
  • Trusting in myself that I can change my professional path


  1. This could be the beginning of a workbook. I can see your students reflecting on the important choices in their lives.

    1. Wendy: Yes, this was an interesting exercise for me--to really think about the life-changing decisions (as opposed to big decisions that could have turned out positive no matter what). Another possible list: choices I'm not yet making, but I could.

    2. Ohhh, I like that second list, also. Provocative.

      Also purposeful: coffee and wine? Good choices. ;-)