August 10, 2013

Don't Try to Be the Fastest

The lojong teachings are 59 mind-training slogans. One of the sayings: "Don't try to be the fastest." This one resonates with me right now. It doesn't say "don't be the fastest." It's all about intention: "Don't try to be the fastest." Don't try to be the first person to respond (or say something witty) in a conversation; don't try to be the first person to comment on a friend's photo (or blog or Facebook status); don't try to be the first person with the most creative, coolest idea in the whole world.

Because that place of intention necessarily rushes the process. Trying to be the fastest leaves little space for sincerity, reflection, and connection. 

I participate in limited social media, yet even I feel urgency from such sources. Of course, it's my own self-imposed urgency, but sometimes I buy into it. I spend time reacting (trying to be the fastest) instead of being with what is. I take an action, when no action is necessary--when non-doing would be the more skillful path.

Leaving academia has opened new creative channels for me. In fact, the doors are blown wide open--the ideas spill from me. Yet this is precisely a time to be patient; to not grab onto something that might bring temporary safety (or an external stroke). It's time to ride out my creative ideas. To sit with them. To let them develop organically. To not try to be the fastest.


  1. oh, joy...i sit here gently nodding yes to all of this.
    so nice to hear about doors being blown wide open for you and to think of you resting in the middle of great creativity...

    1. thanks, michelle. and i'm glad to hear about your new e-course. cheers to patiently working with our creativity!