February 28, 2014

Saying Yes, Saying No

This has been my year of YES. Yes to new experiences, small adventures, and nudging my edges. Quite a contrast to my years of no, while working at an unsustainable pace. I've seen both views: the constricted view of no and the expansive view of yes. 

I hope to never again need a year of no, yet I recognize the luxury of my year of yes. Typical life is a careful balance. We need self-care, which often means clearing space; and we need growth, which often means facing fear. If we don't take good enough care, we say yes when our spirit whispers please no. If we don't expand our inner horizons, we say no when our heart whispers please yes. (Sometimes my first reaction is fear, yet underneath bubbles excitement. That's the moment I know to say yes.)

It's easy to get caught in both directions--too much no or too much yes. As I build my self-awareness, I notice my habits and my energy. I change course when needed. Or sometimes I don't notice and one of my wise, kind friends (or husband) asks a spot-on question that either brings me to tears or makes me smile big. These are the waters of no and yes. Drive your own boat, but surround yourself with a good crew.

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