May 12, 2014

Just Show Up

Expectations are like invasive weeds in our lives--they choke out surprise, curiosity, and joy; they feed disappointment. If we create a story about how things are supposed to be, we lose connection with our actual experience. Expectations trigger judging mind, which constricts life.

Today I leave for Europe. Eleven days and five cities: Prague, Vienna, Maribor, Rovinj, Venice. The trip is a gift from my dad, to be experienced with my dad--the person I most admire in this world. We're travelling with a group, so the itinerary is set. Nothing for me to do but show up.

My intention for the trip: have few expectations and many alive moments. I've not researched must-sees. I hope to view whatever is in front of me with curiosity and wonder. 

This Europe adventure feels unique, so it's easier to drop expectations. In my everyday life, it's a harder process. Yet in most situations, the just-show-up mantra works. Just show up, as I am in this moment, and let life unfold.


  1. Oh you will have a grand time!

  2. I'm very excited for you. Looking forward to hearing all about the memories you create.

  3. Oh!! I read this post but I didn't comment. I hope your trip was wonderful - and I look forward to seeing pics.
    When you have a minute ... I have an invitation for you on my newest blog post: xo B