August 19, 2015

An Embodied Intention

An intention isn’t a goal; it’s a way of being. Intentions live in the present moment. Intentions support what we value most in life. Yet busyness can interrupt intention. It’s hard to live intentionally with packed schedules and scarce space for reflection. But here’s an important truth: we always have choices, even when—especially when—it feels like we don’t. It might only be a micro-choice, a small step toward freedom, but it’s there.

One of these small steps is re-connection with our heart’s intention. Not our mind’s intention—not the striving, judging, doubting, achieving thoughts. A true intention resonates through our whole being. And in doing so, it stays with us always, even in the busyness. An embodied intention is a place to which we can return again and again. Because we forget and then we remember. We’re human and imperfect. We’re also unique and beautiful.

Whether or not you have a current intention, I think you’ll benefit from this short guided meditation. Make a quiet space and gift yourself these twelve minutes. My wish for us all: may we live more moments with intention; may we live more moments with loving presence.



  1. Thank you so much for this reminder Joy. And thank you for being so generous and letting us be a part of your meditations! What a gift. Sending love and hugs / Agnes
    p.s. saying no feels very very good : )

    1. That you benefit from the meditations is a gift right back to me. These gifts go both ways. Hugs to you!