April 25, 2016

Try Something New: Do Nothing

Meditation has taught me many things. One lesson: refrain. The most skillful action can be non-action; the wisest speech can be silence; the best “doing” can be being. To refrain implies self-control, which quickly morphs: improve yourself, do more, achieve. But that’s not my message. True refraining is open and wise. It’s an act of self-kindness. It’s a gift: pause, stay, and be. Do nothing. Look inward. Be kind.

What is enough? This moment is enough. I am enough. You are enough. We’ve arrived; we're at home in our lives. When can we stop? Right now. It’s an act of self-kindness.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. For someone like myself, who spent years reacting, then backing off, or apologizing to others and myself I now stop and pause. Maybe head outside for a walk or a little bit of garden digging. Yesterday I was in this very space. I headed out with vengeance, raking up leaves and pulling weeds hard, soon I was sweating so I sat back on my heals and noticed two chipmunks in our huge pine tree, fighting over the seeds in a pinecone. I noticed Basil looking diligently for a new place to bury his dinosaurs (a toy he keeps outside to bury and rebury) and I laughed at him and saw the fun in the chipmunks and I calmed down and could then take on what was bugging me with a much better mindset. This moment is enough. Love to you Joy!


    1. Thanks for sharing that truthful story. Refraining can be difficult, but then we see the benefits. And, wow! Of course, laughter is always helpful. :)

  2. yesyesyes. it's something I try to practice (not easy!) and I believe it to be an act of self-kindness, as you said...I love the way that this kind of self-kindness can touch the lives of others then, love that the power lies in the quietness of it.