May 12, 2016

An Invitation to Heal

Each year, I choose a word: an umbrella-intention to guide my actions. I wrote about this process in December: Guiding Word for 2016. But now it's May and things have shifted. Back in December, I chose the word love. Even then, it felt a bit forced—I wanted love to surround me as I grieved. Now I realize love is just one piece of a bigger intention: Heal. Forgive yourself, Joy. Allow yourself to heal—this is my new word for 2016. Which prompted me to write the following on Facebook:
I’ve had these words going through my mind: How do we heal? How do we heal as individuals and as a society? We’re in serious need of healing and wholeness. Self-kindness is part of this process. My own experience has shown me: when I genuinely send love inward, love naturally radiates outward. Compassion is part of the healing. Yet the first step is noticing—slowing down enough to see our own pain and the pain of others; slowing down enough to be present.

Presence, patience, rest, kindness, play, and love. These are pieces of healing. But this is still an untold story. I imagine a series of posts or videos on healing: How do we heal? As I heal myself, perhaps I can help others. Would you like to hear more?

The post resonated with people. I think we're all in need of healing. We all want wholeness and well-being. Yet sometimes the path is blurry and lonely. This is an invitation to heal, together. Here's the first in a series of video posts:

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