May 18, 2016

Bringing Awareness to Our Stories

Some of our most-believed thoughts aren't actually true. They're old tapes playing in our heads. We get used to these tapes. The message might even go unnoticed, but it stays in our psyche. We can't heal if we continue to harm ourselves with untrue, unkind words.

My old tape: "There's something wrong with me; it's my fault; I'm unworthy." For years, I let this tape play. But eventually, I realized: it doesn't ring true. It was a story needed at a very different time in my life. It's no longer necessary or helpfuland it's not true. Letting go of this story is part of my healing. But first, I must bring awareness to the story. I must place it out in the open and investigate with curiosity and kindness. This takes presence, compassion, courage, wisdom, and patience.

I've started a weekly video series on "Healing with Self-Compassion." Here's the second video: Bringing Awareness to Our Stories.

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