June 1, 2016

The Practice of Self-Compassion

I have well-grooved habits. We all have well-grooved habits. Some of these are helpful, others are hurtful. My self-judgment isn't necessary nor is it wholesome. It's a habit I want to let go. But if I let go, I need a beneficial replacement. I view self-compassion as a life-long practice. This practice requires mindfulness, connection, and kindness. It requires honesty and gentleness; persistence and patience. I know I'll resist at times, but I also know I can begin again in any moment.

Self-judgment harms us; self-compassion heals us. Self-aversion makes us miserable yet feels strangely comfortable. At times, we must move from our comfort zone: try a new practice and see what happens. Unwholesome habits won't change if we don't put in the efforteffort that's wise, persistent, genuine, and kind.

Here's the fourth video in my series, "Healing with Self-Compassion." Give it a try. See what happens. Anything is possible.

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