April 24, 2012


My wish for everyone: to be authentic and vulnerable; to take risks; and to always believe in your basic goodness--trust in yourself. This is increasingly difficult in our culture of busyness and fear-based incentives.

There's an oft-referenced quotation from Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." In that spirit, I share a poem I recently wrote:

My Deepest Fear
Here is my deepest fear:
I bare my genuine self,
and I am rejected.
(Will you judge this poem?)
The anticipated pain sears me.
Quickly, I move from heart to head:
How do I make sense of a delicate existence?
Ego rejoins:
Control the whole world.
Tighten muscles, micro-manage, overwork.
I am protected by this multi-layered
fiction of control.
Yet I am unhappy and tired.

How do I make sense of a delicate existence?
I don't.
People will reject and misunderstand me.
My heart will break open with sadness and grief.
It will also break open with happiness,
joy, and love.
This is the uncertain and ambiguous
path I walk.

Naked with vulnerability I'm free.
Burdened with layers of protection,
I'm heavy and inauthentic.
What if my deepest fear is actually
a bold act of courage?
I bare my genuine self and
who knows?


  1. Your beautiful, authentic, courageous and vulnerable self is loved, valued and appreciated more than you know (you can trust in that). Let it shine! :)

    What a wonderful poem and exercise in vulnerability, courage and authenticity. It's beautiful.

  2. Steph,
    Thanks for your genuine, supportive words! You are also valued and appreciated more than you know. :)

    Cheers to both of us being more authentic, courageous, and vulnerable.

  3. Well, I love you both. So there!!!

  4. And we love you right back, Dad!