May 1, 2012


Long ago, I gave up the notion of "doing it all" and being superwoman. Yes, my ego still wants me to get everything done beautifully while maintaining a calm, happy exterior, but that's not the reality. Reality: some errands don't get done, some papers get handed back late, some birthday cards are belated, and some workouts are skipped. BUT, the things I do are done with my whole heart and from my authentic self--imperfect and precious as it is.

That said, it's still fun to pretend to be a superhero--to pretend I can fly. Photography teacher, Andrea Scher, encourages us to play with the self-timer on our camera; to let our inner child/superhero fly. (I showed a few of these types of photos in a previous blog post.) After work yesterday, while there was still some light, I took 40+ superman photos in my bedroom. The lighting in that room is terrible for photos, but who cares? I had an absolute blast. And for a moment I flew:

These self-timer action photos are a blast. Even if none of them turns out as I hope, the experience is so much FUN. I experiment, laugh, and try new things. I play. And sometimes, after a long day in the office, I need to take a joyful leaping break (just 'cause it brings a smile to my face):


  1. Alas, bad knees have ended my superhero days, but I can still enjoy yours. . . .

  2. Dad, I know we can work something out. Like maybe a hop on your good leg? Or just some fun movement with your arms? We can make you a superhero! (Well, you're already a superhero to me--just as is. :))

  3. Oh my goodness! What FUN you're having in these photos. I've only experimented with the self-timer a time or two, but this makes me want to try again. What a happy post! : )

  4. Katie, thanks for your comment. I've really enjoyed your photography on Flickr (we're both in the gratitude.2012 group). And I just took a peek at your blog, which seems interesting, true, and beautiful.

    But back to the self-timer shots--definitely give action self-timer shots a try. As a runner, I think you'll like the athleticism and as a photographer, I think you'll like the creativity. Plus, it's a hoot!