May 15, 2012

Color in Photography & Life

The practice of photography teaches me loads about life. A sprinkling of examples: photography teaches me to be in the moment, take a different perspective, look for light, and see beauty everywhere. Photography also teaches me about color. A bold color or contrast of colors can make a photograph pop.

I've recently looked for color through my camera lens, so I naturally think about color in my life. To me, a life filled with color means a life filled with joy, authenticity, bravery, and creativity. When we live in color, we let our true selves shine; we fully participate; we enjoy ourselves (even on a weeknight!); we celebrate just because; we aren't afraid to be seen. Color is gorgeous, deep, bright, and playful. To borrow a phrase from Emile Zola, a life filled with color is "lived out loud."

Of course, real life isn't beautiful color every moment. But the pops of color are vital to our existence. The pops of color are soul filling. Without that color, our experiences become blah, tedious, and lifeless. Photography provides some important questions for me: Where is there color in my life? What are the different shades of color and what do they do for me? When do I actually prefer black and white? When do I desperately crave a splash of color? Most importantly: do I honor my needs? Do I "live out loud," regardless of the color shade? 

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