June 22, 2012

A Poem That Rhymes

My niece Emma is part of my creative tribe. She's a wise 15-year-old with interesting ideas, creative talent, and a great eye. She reads my blog and enjoys when I write poetry. Yesterday she requested I write a poem that rhymes. I like a new creative challenge, so I agreed to work on a rhyming poem (she promised to write me a rhyme in response). I thought this might take days to simmer, but yesterday I made zucchini bread and was inspired to write a poem. For those interested, the recipe is from amazing cook Heidi Swanson. (I'm in love with this bread. It's one of my go-to recipes in the summer, and I include everything Heidi lists as "optional.")

A Poem That Rhymes
Zucchinis are in season,
but that's not the only reason
I make the delicious bread.
It gets me out of my head
and back to the here and now,
where all my senses say wow.
The ingredients so very tasty;
my movements never hasty.
Except my impulse to eat the batter.
Raw eggs? Doesn't matter.

This bread is wholesome and yummy,
and brings a smile to my tummy.
The recipe requires time and care,
yet I have an extra loaf to share.
Food made with love is a great gift,
and via the process my spirits lift.
Plus I have scrumptious bread to eat.
Thanks, Heidi, for concocting such a special treat.

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