June 18, 2012

Morning Reflection

Very early this morning, we received big thunderstorms. The thunder kept me awake, but I was soothed by the rain--not just the sound, but the rain itself, as my plants are in desperate need of water. We've had quite a dry patch here in Appleton. So the pouring rain was a lovely sound, as I knew my plants would drink it in.

While my morning coffee brewed, I went outside, just as the sun peeked out of the clouds. I took many pictures of my daisies, and after processing the photos, I realize what great lessons they teach. One lesson is about perspective. I'll illustrate with some questions: On what do you typically focus? The details? The big picture? The positive? The negative? When is it easiest for you to see many different viewpoints? To what views (e.g., identities, philosophies) do you tightly cling? 

These are important questions to ask. When I'm centered (not rushed) and authentic (in touch with the real me), then I have much more space to see and accept different perspectives. When I'm lost in the busyness, I rely on my habit of (false) control, and it's harder for me to see the big picture.

Daisy: Two Views

There's a quote, attributed to writer Anais Nin, that speaks to my heart: "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Most of us know this feeling--we hold tightly to protect some tender part of ourselves, yet that tightness leads to more suffering than just facing our fears, trusting ourselves, and blossoming. There are many places in my life where I've blossomed, and some places where I'm still a bud. But through life experience, self-reflection, connection, and meditation I have more and more blooms. And that's a lovely thing. Even lovelier is that we all have different ways of blooming. We're connected, yet unique. We all have buds and blooms, just in diverse ways. I think it's helpful for us to honor the buds in ourselves and others, and also celebrate the blooms--every single one of them.

Ways of Blooming:

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