July 27, 2012

What Have I Learned?

During the last 7 weeks, I've read Inner Excavation and worked creatively with the prompts. This process is a natural extension of the inner-work I've done throughout my adult life. It's liberating, scary, creative, overwhelming, peaceful, and worthwhile. Essentially, it's life. The read-along has brought me many gifts and insights. This seems an appropriate time to reflect on what I've learned (in no particular order):

* It's both exhilarating and terrifying to share deeply from my heart. There's an initial moment of doubt (which sometimes lingers), but ultimately there's a sense of trust.

* Self-worth can be misplaced in many ways. Sometimes I place my self-worth in maintaining my blog, pushing creative boundaries, or monitoring the number of comments I receive on Flickr. When this happens, my most skillful action is to stop doing (e.g., get offline) and start being (e.g., lay on the grass in the backyard). 

* It's important to share my story, yet there are tender times when it's better for me to stay quiet.

* I must regularly revisit my authentic motivation for any activity.

* What I've heard from many teachers is true: every moment is an opportunity to change; to form a new habit; to come back to myself. Every moment.

* I'm deeply grateful for the gifts I receive from others; gifts of inspiration, vulnerability, kindness, insight, and acceptance.

* I have a new appreciation for my natural sense of wonder.

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