September 22, 2012

Classified Ad

Seeking a job where
I work fewer hours (30?);
am less connected to a computer;
am more connected to people,
in small groups or one-on-one;
I do not have to sell;
I have freedom to create (in multiple mediums);
I need not critically judge others.

Seeking a job where
creativity and authenticity are valued;
where reflection and mindfulness are encouraged;
where community is cultivated.

Areas of expertise:
learning, teaching, and statistics.
Areas in which I have solid knowledge: 
writing, wellness, self-reflection,
meditation, and photography.
Values held deeply in my heart:
compassion, kindness, empathy, and gratitude.

Any and all suggestions considered.


  1. I truly believe in stating our wishes out loud.
    Believe & Receive.
    I know it will happen for you.

  2. I will add my prayers as well...
    Two websites I think you might enjoy...Abbey of the Arts (Christine Paintner is an author who has really offered some terrific online courses - some can be done at your own pace -
    on contemplative photography) The other is from more of a Buddhist perspective Miksang (Michael Wood has been spearheading this contemplative photography movement) I'm afraid neither answers your wish for a new job, but both may help sustain you with in it...May it be so! -- Laura

  3. Thanks for these interesting resources, Laura. Both are new to me, so I appreciate hearing about them.

  4. Fingers crossed for you dear Joy!
    This is exactly the sort of professional challenge I am aiming for, and as you know, dreams can come true.
    Did you make a vision board for this particular dream? It could help! (and I'd love to see it :))
    I missed reading your posts, but as my laptop crashed I couldn't be on the internet for a while ...
    Hug from Belgium and please, keep faith! Miracles can happen! That's exactly what I wish for you, as you have so much potential as a multi-talented and gifted woman.

  5. Cococita: Your comments always fill me with warmth and support. Thank you, deeply. A vision board is a lovely idea--thanks for sharing.