March 18, 2013

New Territory

Today is the first day of my new path. It's spring break at Lawrence, but my formal commitments are over. Now I get to enjoy--enjoy the end-of-year celebrations, gradually clear out my office, ponder new professions, and let my creative juices fly. So how did my first day of freedom begin? By sleeping until 8:45. The last few days, I've been able to linger in bed, catching up on needed rest. Perhaps it's the grayness or the time change or my general exhaustion, but it feels good to sleep in. (I joked with Mark that I'm re-entering my teenage years. My new life will be sleeping until noon, hanging with friends, and sneering at chores.)

In anticipation of an open day, I made leaven last night. This morning I mixed the bread ingredients and gradually kneaded the loaf over 3 hours. And during that 3 hours I lost time--what did I actually do? I think I did some email, commented on some Flickr photos, took photographs, drank tea, ate breakfast. Wow, 3 hours goes quickly. The rest of my day: dentist appointment, walk to the Y, workout, stop at Green Gecko for groceries (oh, the leisure of not knowing what I'll cook until that very day), shovel snow (mild crankiness), bake bread, do laundry, make vacation to-do list (woe is me), welcome Mark home, make yummy pizza, share stories with Mark, and talk with my nephew about his latest volleyball games.

In reflection, it was a lovely first day of something new. And I'm glad I took time to make bread. The bread-making process is nurturing and mindful and fulfilling. The story of me is still unfolding, but here's the story of my bread:

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