March 17, 2013

Shiny Objects

My shiny-object theory: we humans are habituated to look for the next best thing--the next shiny object. We secretly hope this new thing (project, feeling, accomplishment, etc.) will finally give us lasting pleasure and take away our pain. Because this secret hope is actually impossible, we continue to search. So inured to our search, we rarely notice the rapid pace with which we discard the last shiny object.

Previously, I wrote about craving, and the shopping I often do at the end of a busy academic term (my version of the shiny object). But this March I inhabit a different place. I need not shore up for another busy term; I'm free. I have space to explore creative outlets and gradually find another professional path. And you know what I notice? That creative projects  are also shiny objects. If I hop from one mini-project to another, then all I manifest is busyness and avoidance. Shiny objects are everywhere. But sustained creative projects that both challenge and feed my soul are not everywhere--they take work and nurture and mindfulness. As I make choices in the next few weeks, choices about quality places to spend my time, I hope to ask: is this just another shiny object?

1 comment:

  1. Your post makes me smile and the fact that you are free to decide now too :) Can't wait to see the results of your next projects dear Joy! Warm hug from the French Provence which is a very inspiring place ...