July 29, 2013

11 More Things You Might Not Know About Me

This is a continuation to a series of posts (here and here). Eleven more things you might not know about me (in no particular order):

1. I saw eight Grateful Dead shows.
2. My favorite ice cream is chocolate-chip cookie dough.
3. But I rarely eat ice cream, except for really hot summer days. 
4. My body temperature is always low--I can be freezing cold (e.g., after eating ice cream) even when it's 80 degrees.
5. I talk to my plants.
6. I drink a gallon+ of water each day.
7. We have an outdoor hot tub (kept at 103 degrees), which gets me through the Wisconsin winters.
8. In seventh grade, my best friends and I performed as the Go Go's in a talent show; during our yearly get-together, we--me and my 3 best friends from middle school--saw the Go Go's perform at Ravinia (they still have the beat, and how).
9. Chardonnay is my drink of choice.
10. At our outdoor wedding, Mark surprised me: he took my hands and sang me a modified version of Calico Skies (by Paul McCartney); everyone--especially me--was in joyful tears.
11. My life path regularly asks for release of (perceived) control; and this is really, really hard for me (even though I know it's the path to freedom).


  1. what a "joy" it was to read all three of these. we have much in common. although i am always hot! xxoo

  2. I'm a chardonnay kind of gal as well.

  3. you should see me eat ice cream! it can be 95 degrees outside, yet i've got on a sweatshirt, house shoes and a blanket wrapped around me. i blame my low thyroid for always being cold. my family laughs at me when i go outside in the middle of the day to warm up. ; )