July 23, 2013

You Never Know

Black-eyed Susan is my favorite flower. It captured my heart long ago, when I saw masses of its blooms in the wild. Once I chose to garden, I knew what I wanted: a huge patch of black-eyed Susans. I began with transplants from a friend--the bunnies mowed them down. Then I tried native wildflower seeds. For one summer, they blossomed, yet were soon crowded out by the daisies. Last year, I planted more, but they didn't withstand the drought.

As part of my equanimity practice, I decided my yard wasn't long for these expressive flowers. And that's okay. I'd appreciate what I have and admire the black-eyed Susans in other people's yards.

And then, just days ago, I noticed a rogue flower stem among my ground cover. Yes, it was an intrepid black-eyed Susan. Probably around for this summer only, but a wonder nonetheless. Each time I look at it, I'm filled with joy and gratitude. You just never know what might happen.


  1. Finally nurtured our own Black-eyed Susans through the bunny onslaught this spring. Just put some chicken wire around them till the plants were too tall for the bunnies to feast. Now we have three HUNORMOUS plants.

    Time to save that one flower...

  2. P.S. Good seeing you on my run today.

    1. yes, ken, it's always good to see you!