February 14, 2014

Love Yourself, Love Others

Love is a gift--a beautiful and complex gift. For many years, I withheld this gift from myself. I felt unworthy of my own love and compassion. I pushed and accomplished; I judged myself harshly. But then--after much life experience--there was a shift, a softening. I made space for myself in my own heart. And I realize: 1) I couldn't fully open my heart to another until I opened it to myself, and 2) I couldn't fully accept love from another until I accepted it from myself. Once I made space for myself in my own heart, there was endless space; space for everyone.

On this Valentine's Day, I encourage you to tell people what they mean to you. Express your love. And I also encourage you to love yourself. Not the superficial love of indulgence in sweets, shopping, or avoidance, but real love: What do you need most in this moment? What piece of you needs attention? Give yourself that love. And then pass it on to another.


  1. such good advice, joy. i think we all need to act on that much more in this world of ours.

    1. katie! thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment. you make me smile.