February 12, 2014

Parking Meters + Kindness

I can see the end of winter, in the distance, but within view. The February light--extended and brighter--saves me, daily. And I read another article about acts of kindness. How kindness, to loved ones or strangers, makes us happier. We're content when we gift in a genuine way.

So I took 20 quarters from our change jar, walked downtown, and fed meters. Any expired meter received a quarter. I felt a bit subversive (especially when I saw the guy giving tickets), but I also felt open-hearted. Open-hearted in a different way. In a way where my actions weren't the centerpiece. Where a "thank you" was not expected. I felt great knowing that someone might step outside and think: "huh, I really thought I would get a ticket" and then smile at her luck. 

There are endless opportunities for kindness. And this gives me faith in the world. Kindness matters, big or small. (And feeding meters can put a smile on your face and a skip in your step.)


  1. your heart knows no bounds. It is as big as the universe.

    1. your words bring tears to my eyes (in the best way). thank you, steph.