March 26, 2014

Slow Yet Lasting Change

As I walk around town, I see snowbanks gradually decrease. A slow melt is good for the earth. The moisture sinks in and nourishes. My new view of March: ample space for the earth to re-awaken. As much as I want the snow gone--now--I realize its slow disappearance is better.

This makes me think of change in general. We often want immediate results. We want our injuries to heal, our projects to finish, our relationships to grow, our joy to increase. And we want it now. In this way, we sabotage ourselves. If a new habit doesn't generate quick change, we often discard it. Or sometimes we don't even begin.

Think of a healthful change you've made in your life--change that's had lasting, positive impact. What was the timeline? And how did you treat yourself during the process?

When we seek change, we must be intentional and committed, yet also patient and kind. There are very few quick fixes, especially to life's difficult questions. All we can do is take the next skillful action (or non-action) in this moment. And when we forget--which we will--we focus on the next moment. Gradually, these moments collect. 

Where in your life do you need nourishment? What pieces of you want to re-awaken? Look inward, be intentional, do the practice, and be patient. Slow change is lasting change. And if you pay attention, it's a surprising and interesting ride. 

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