April 2, 2014

Sometimes There Are No Words

Life can be incredibly difficult. Death, illness, trauma, loss. Sometimes there are no words. No words to describe the depth of our feelings. No words to provide solace. We might space fill with inadequate words or avoid the situation, yet there's another path: sit next to each other during the difficult. Hold hands, give hugs, share tears, sit in loving silence. 

When the harshness of life overwhelms me, I fall back to relationships and connections. What else can we do but be there for each other? Celebrate the yays, actively listen, circle the wagons, share meals, cry and laugh together. When life is especially joyful or especially hard, there might not be words--presence is most important. Togetherness is most important. Like the shared experience of a gorgeous sunset or a new baby or raw grief. It's okay if there are no words. Being there--wholeheartedly--is enough.


  1. Beautiful truths. It was only through loss and grief that I learned this. Silence used to feel uncomfortable, but now, not so much.

  2. Sometimes there are no words, yet you Joy, know how to explain that with just the right ones. Thank you. Rae

  3. you three women are special. i'm so very glad you're in my life.

  4. yes, sitting in loving silence.
    and so i sit...

  5. Don't forget music at such times. Music is a language that can express things that words cannot.

    1. interesting point, dad. indeed, music is emotionally expressive. and nature is, too. a walk in nature or listening to music--both good for the soul, no words needed.