April 25, 2014

Start Where You Are

At times, I feel equipment envy. I crave a better camera or a new lens. I dream of crisper shots and bigger prints. But then I remember: I have much to learn about light and composition. My bare-bones camera is enough. It's not about the equipment, it's about how I see the world.

Often we mistakenly think better equipment will make us happy. We want a better body or a new gadget. Yet life is not about the equipment. It's about starting from exactly where we are. One of the way we sabotage ourselves--our creativity, well-being, or relationships--is by this untrue story: I can't start something unless everything is perfect. I'll take a photography course after I buy a good camera. I'll sign up for yoga once I lose weight.  I'll nurture myself and my relationships when my schedule's less busy.

But life is always messy and imperfect. If we wait for just the right moment, we'll never begin. Wherever you are, that's the place to start--with honesty and gentleness. You have all the equipment you need. Start in this moment. What magic awaits you?


  1. So true...your words are very wise! And your images are lovely.

  2. yes, wise words for sure. it is so easy to get caught up in thinking that the more stuff we have the better we will be, when really all we need to do is just do and take in the moment and we will have all we need. beautiful post Joy.

  3. cathy and sherri: i'm glad this post resonated for you. you both are wise, beautiful women. i'm happy to have your company along this path.