August 15, 2014

Now for Something Completely Different

Where has my silliness gone? Yesterday I reread my latest posts. The topics: self-judgment, difficulty, fear, over-thinking. All important topics. All exactly where I was at the moment. Yet I've left out my happiness and childlike wonder. Life is heartbreaking, but it's also joyful.

Last night I made a different choice: take my camera, tripod, and remote shutter-release outside. Jump around. Leap, bound, play, and laugh. My first stop was the backyard--a safe place. But my neighbors were gardening or eating, and the mood felt calm not playful, so I walked to the park.

(me walking backwards, a little giddy)

The park felt festive. Families gathered. Smoke rose from grills. Children laughed. Cars drove past. I placed my tripod in a patch of sunset light next to the road. In that spot I jumped and twirled and giggled. I felt playful and free.

When we most need it--when we feel sad or angry or hurt--we forget that life is fun. We're surrounded by joy, laughter, and beauty. Sometimes we need to jump around, do the unexpected, or make our own adventures. When I'm playful, my heart opens and my thoughts subside. I see the magical world that is my life.

(me walking forwards, relaxed and happy)


  1. your smile is beautiful ; the light shines around you and out of you

  2. Ah ha! No wonder you were so giddy at the bar last night!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yep, I knew I'd be happy to find this space. I am.

    Beautiful, Joy.

  4. thank you, dear friends. what a beautiful, creative collection you three make. i wish we were all in the same room, sharing stories--we'd have a hoot.

  5. thank you for the reminder Joy!

  6. love the sunshine coming through the tree, and of course your smiling joyful face! So glad you took the time to take these pictures! x

  7. cathy and debs, it's so good to hear from you. as you know from 52-of-you, turning the camera on ourselves is powerful medicine. hugs!

  8. I think you and I could get into some serious mischief... ;-)