November 13, 2016

Join the Kindness Movement

Today is World Kindness Day, which feels particularly relevant: After a tumultuous week here in the States, we need kindness. We need many things: honest sharing, deep listening, tolerance, equality, compassion, and healing. But kindness is accessible right now, in this moment.

You can make a pledge for World Kindness Day. They suggest interesting and varied ideas. For example, "Pick up trash in a local park", "Send a thank you note to your favorite teacher", "Learn about another culture", "Tell someone how much they mean to you," or "Let someone go ahead of you in line." Such wise, beautiful guidance. In a world filled with greed and hatred, we can generate generosity and love. It only takes a few minutes to be kind. And kindness changes the world in quiet yet powerful ways.

My pledge: Write a touching, inspiring note and leave it on someone's windshield. This secret kindness mission warms my soul and makes me gleeful. Because kindness opens the heart in ways that benefit everyone. Please join me.

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