November 16, 2016

Look Inside: Coming Home to Yourself

After years of teaching in person, I want to broaden the audience. I developed this self-paced e-course, because I believe in the practices: mindfulness, awareness, presence, compassion, well-being, and wonder. In small yet important waysat your own paceyou can change your life. And you don't need special equipment. You can start right now, just as you are.

Coming Home to Yourself: A 6-Week Course in Mindfulness is a 78-page multimedia document: written teachings, videos, audio guided-meditations, reflections, mini-assignments, and photographs. Here are two sample pages from the class:

Mindfulness is everywhere, but this course is different:

Wondering who I am? Read my bio.

After you purchase through PayPal, you'll receive an email message from me, with the course document as an attachment. (This email comes within 48 hours of your purchase.)

Make Space. Start Small. Be Gentle.

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