February 13, 2017

Commit to Yourself

While working as a professor, I remember telling a friend, "I'm not creative." It seems a strange statement now, but at that time it felt real. I viewed creativity in a narrow way: painting, drawing, or being crafty. Though I was a creative teacher, I didn't notice because it felt like science not art. (Upon reflection, I see art in science and science in art, but I needed a wider perspective.)

Gradually, I grew the dormant pieces of myself. I gardened, cooked, meditated, and started this blog. I took online courses: photography, poetry, and writing. This was an important leap. First, I prioritized time for myself and my personal growth; second, I tried something new: creativity.

We often put ourselves at the bottom of the list:
Required events
Creative/personal practice that fills my soul

To connect with our passionsto live a meaningful lifewe must commit to ourselves. This can be in meditation, art class, a garden, a journal, the yoga mat, or a hammock in the backyard. If we don't attend to ourselves, something eventually gives. We get sick or fed up or become numb to our lives. A more wholesome path is to make time for ourselves now.

If you're like a previous version of me and think "I'm not creative," or "I'm not capable of being mindful" or "I don't have time for anything," please pause and consider your choices. Maybe you are creative, if you expand your definition. Maybe you're capable of mindfulness, if you have helpful guidance. Maybe you do have enough time, if you give up other things.

I welcome you (and a friend) into my e-course, "Coming Home to Yourself." But more importantly, I encourage you to take a leap: make one small step toward soul-filling activities. Carve out time for yourself. Commit to whatever practice feels right to you. Show up, just as you are. But show up: for yourself.

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  1. As I read this Joy, I can once again identify with SO much of what you say. I left my job less than a year ago, and so I am in a sort of "all over the place" phase. Trying so many things I've always wanted to try, and simply did not have the time.

    For me, more than anything else, it's learning to think in a new way. Mathematics is in many ways, such a concrete way of thought, and since that is in where I spent years of training and then teaching, I am having to re-train myself to think more creatively as opposed to concretely.
    What a great post, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. And thank you right back, Lisa! I appreciate your honest sharing. I remember the year just after I left academia. Those months were magical. Space for creativity--broadly speaking--and space for possibility. Sounds like you're on an interesting, wholehearted path. Hugs!